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The FBA Adventure

Yesterday I went to two Goodwill’s, two Walmart’s, Home Depot, Target, and a Meijer.

Why? Well, I wanted to start an Amazon FBA business.

An Amazon FBA business is basically a business that buys discounted product either through a retail store or a wholesaler and then sells it on Amazon.

So I embarked on the adventure with one goal in mind. Find products discounted to a level that will allow me to make a profit. After 4 or 5 hours of searching, I managed to purchase three items that could potentially net me $30.

Worth it? I’m on the fence. A) It sucked driving around all day slumming through the clearance sections. B) I absolutely hate Walmart. C) Even if I successfully sell these three products, who am I helping?

Is that the question I need to be asking myself before I start something? Who will benefit from me doing this?

All four of my ventures have been started with the sole intent of making a quick buck. And all four of those ventures lasted no longer than a couple of months.

Stop worrying about the money and start focusing on helping others.

When the going gets tough and money is your only motivator, you’re going to fail every time.

Published March 16, 2018

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